Semi Custom & Stock Home Plans

Working With Your Ideas

Sometimes you know exactly the home plan you want to build and you may already have your ideas organized but you still need to have them drawn and presented in a format that can be clearly read and understood by building trades and professionals.  Our Semi-custom design option will take your ideas and translate them into a clear and accurate set of architectural drawings. Along the way we will offer input and suggestions to refine and improve upon the design or make it more economical to build.

Additionally, given an outline of the necessary criteria for your new home such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, required square footage etc. we may be able to offer a selection of our stock home plans for you to choose from.  With some minor modifications and adjustments to better meet your needs a stock home plan can become your dream home plan.

Semi-custom or stock plans will still contain all the necessary information required for construction, building permits and contractor quotes at a more economical price point and in a shorter time period.

Stock Home Plans and Semi-Custom designs typically start at $700.00. 

Let's turn your ideas into a workable plan!