Renovation & Remodel Plans

Making your home work for you.

Often the situation arises where we may really love our neighbourhood and the home we live in but perhaps our family has grown, or our tastes and needs have changed. Sometimes we want to expand our homes to accommodate these changes or maybe even reconfigure our existing home to better reflect our lifestyle and current trends.

Renovation, remodeling and addition plans are the first step in realizing this dream. Understanding your renovation goals and working within the realities of existing conditions are the key elements in beginning this process.

Our renovation and remodeling design process involves a thorough assessment and documentation of your existing home followed by clear and concise interior space planning, exterior design drawings and 3D models to help visualize your project.

A detailed set of architectural drawings completes the renovation and remodeling plan package and will serve as your guide for construction, obtaining quotes and applying for permits.

Renovation and remodeling plan fees vary depending on size and complexity of the project.

Sunroom Addition 3D Study Model

Sunroom Addition 3D Study Model

Let's start planning your renovation!