Professional Profile

David B. Dobbin

David is a native Newfoundlander and graduate from both the Architectural Engineering Technology program of the College of the North Atlantic in St. John’s as well the Interior Design Program of the International Academy of Design & Technology in Montreal. David started his professional career in 1998 as an architectural technologist and junior designer for acclaimed local architect Colette Nap.

Following his two years in this role David went on to spend fifteen years as a project manager and in-house architectural designer for one of the cities premiere luxury home building companies.

 In this role David would oversee every aspect of the design and construction of many of the city’s finest homes. He would learn intimately how all of the individual components of the complex design and construction puzzle would come together to create a beautiful and finely built home.  

In 2016 David B. Dobbin Home Design was created as David continued his passion for designing homes and crafting high quality architectural plans for countless projects from St. John’s to Fogo Island and as far away as Kenya, Africa.

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